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AVON Mold Removal
REALTOR REFERAL PROGRAM: A+ Restoration Services takes pride its Realtor referral program.  We helped over 500 home owners/buyers in Avon and metro Indy complete the sales/purchases of their homes in 2015. If you are like most people, you don’t go down into your crawl  space or up in your attic very often.  (If ever) Many home owners in Avon get the unpleasant news on their home inspection reports.  They see a phrase like “possible microbial growth, refer to a licensed mold professional”.   When prospective buyers see this on a home inspection report, they can use that reason to back out of a purchase.  Mold evokes such a strong emotional fear with some people, great care needs to be used to calm the prospective buyers.  A+ Restoration goes out of its way to educate people on what is a reasonable fear with moldin Avon.  Any mold situation can be treated!  Unlike a lot of our competition, we do not use fear as a tool to help sell our mold removal services.  We go out of our way to present the facts about mold, it effects on people and animals.  We offer a clear, well thought out mold removal / mold remediation plan to take care of the problem. A+ Restoration Services offers the following to help home owners get their homes sold in Avon:    1.  We offer a transferable 2 year mold free guarantee.     2.  We offer FREE on-site inspections.     3.  We will give you an estimate with- in 24 hours of looking at the property.     4.  We will also state what we believe to be the reason for the mold growth.
A+ RESTORATION SERVICES MOLD REMOVAL / MOLD REMEDIATION SERVICES: Our mold removal / mold remediation services in Avon are designed to be both professional and economical as possible.  We make sure that the protocols that we implement will take care of the mold problem once and for all.  All of the protocols that we use for mold removal are sanctioned or recommended by the EPA, IICRC (S520 protocols) Indoor Air Quality Association & the New York State Health Department.  As you can tell from our above section, we work with a lot of realtors.  However we also will deal with anyone who  needs mold removal / mold remediation done in your home.  A+ Restoration is the best choice!  We have over 25 years’ experience in dealing with mold removal / mold remediation.  So if you need mold removal services in your kitchen, bathroom, a closet, basement, crawl space, attic or anywhere else, give A+ Restoration Services a call for ALL OF YOUR MOLD REMOVAL NEEDS!
A+ Restoration Services handles every type of mold in Avon that you can imagine.  We have worked on large commercial mold remediation jobs and small 2x2ft residentail mold removal jobs in Avon.  Bottom line is, no mold removal job is to big or to small for us in Avon. A+ Restoration specializes in mold remediation in all areas of a structure.  We deal with mold growing in crawl spaces, basements, behind kitchen cabinets, attics, bathrooms, any place your home could have mold in Avon. We are the only company in Avon that backs up our work with a free two year limited mold removal guarantee.  We follow all of the mold removal protocols that are put forth by the EPA, IICRC, The New York City Health Department (One of the leading government agencies that deal with mold) and the Indoor Air Quality Association.
What Our Avon, In Clients Say:
We had a pipe leak that resulted in water damage on some dry wall.  A+ came out and dried out the wall, removed some mold and repaired the dry wall.  They did a great job! I would highly recommend A+ Restoration!
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Residential Services
A+ Restoration Services handles all types of residential mold removal projects.  We have worked on just about any type of mold removal project that you could imagine. From 9000 sq ft mansions too working on a 4x4 area in a closet.  No mold removal project is to small or to big! We specialize in working in all areas of your home.  Working on mold that is in the kitchen, basement, crawl space or attic, we can take care of all of your mold removal needs!  We are one of the only companies that back up our work with a two year limited mold removal guarantee.  We follow mold removal  protocols that are put out by the EPA, IICRC,  and Indoor Air Quality Association.
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