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Commercial Mold Remediation Indianapolis

Mold problems can be dangerous to the health and safety of both your employees and customers. It is extremely important to treat mold growth as quickly as possible to avoid illness and property damage. If you suspect your business has fallen victim to mold, call Mold Removal Indianapolis right away. We will promptly dispatch a technician to your business to assess the situation, give you a free estimate and begin work as soon as possible. Our team can handle a range of project sizes from individual office spaces to large retail businesses, and everything in between.

If you see mold in your business, give us a call as soon as possible. If you can see mold spores, chances are there is more hiding behind walls, under carpeting or above ceiling tiles. If you have experienced water damage in your business, you should hire a professional mold remediation company to make sure there is no hidden damage. Mold Removal Indianapolis is a company whose mold experts will work with you to make sure your business is safe for your staff and customers.

We have an extensive remediation process and seek to set the standard when it comes to mold remediation companies. Remember that whether you need emergency services, damage restoration, air duct cleaning, or water damage restoration, we are there for your overall home or business.

Trust Indiana’s Mold Experts

Mold Removal Indianapolis provides the highest-quality mold restoration with unparalleled customer service. We always provide transparency, support, and impeccable communication. If your home or commercial building has suffered from mold damage, contact us today. We work with all major insurance companies to ensure that our clients get maximum coverage from their claims and pay as little out of pocket as possible. We are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through this difficult time.

Mold Removal Indianapolis has 25 years of experience working on commercial mold remediation projects. We have helped companies like US Foods, Value Place Hotels, Holiday Inn, and many more! We have helped large Fortune 500 companies and small family-owned companies. No mold job is too big or too small! Work with experts who know the correct way to deal with your mold issues. We follow proper protocols established by the EPA, IAQA, & IICRC. We then use 3rd party mold testing to ensure that the job is done right! Mold Removal Indianapolis carries proper liability insurance so you never have to worry while we’re at your business.

We are firm believers in the fact that we must do our jobs correctly. The reason why we think it is important is because mold removal is a mission-critical situation.

A proper mold remediation job can help to negate potential health problems that would arise from the growth of excess mold within a home. This negation can help an individual or a group of individuals improve their quality of life and increase their overall opportunities to succeed in life.
Mold remediation may seem like a run of the mill task until you realize the various intricacies that is involved in the overall process.
That is why we also use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques for commercial mold removal and remediation.

Indianapolis Mold Remediation Experts

If you notice mold growth anywhere in your home or business, give us a call. Our Indiana mold remediation experts will respond quickly to mitigate as much damage as possible. We follow all IICRC and EPA protocols and are PMII certified. We also offer residential mold services, kitchen and bathroom mold removal, and attic mold removal. We proudly service Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Avon, Greenwood, Westfield, Brownsburg, Lawrence, and Mooresville IN.

Why We Recommend Fast Mold Removal

No one wants to have any type of mold as a guest in their house that is why it is they call mold experts like us as quickly as possible.

Did you know that mold can cause significant damage to your property and health as quickly as possible? Indeed, mold-related allergens are a significant problem and severe health issues that result from excess mold issues within a property can cause long-term health problems.

But how does this happen? See, mold spores have a tendency to move as quickly as possible. They branch out fast and very easily. That is why property owners will reach out to us as soon as they know they have a problem.

We come to your property and ensure to look at the point of origin. Our Indiana mold remediation experts find out more about the source of life, the moisture, and then we will remove that. If we can remove the point of origin as quickly as possible, we can ensure that we fix your problem.

If you do not address these issues as quickly as possible, you will find that mold will start to chip away at your property. Mold will have various spores that travel through the air and affect various parts of your property, from your building to the items within your house.

Therefore, if you are not too careful, then you will have to deal with a fully contaminated property that would create more financial harm. But why is that? The worse the problem is, the longer it would take to deal with the issues and the more effort that would be required overall.

Dealing with mold as quickly as possible is quite different. It is not about making a quick purchase on a possible luxury, rather, it is about making a fast purchase on a service that will help to eliminate a significant problem that will certainly get worse over time.

We prefer to deal with a mold situation early on so that you can have overall peace of mind and do not have to worry about the overall ramifications of a mold problem that has progressed.

If you need professional mold inspection, remediation or restoration services in the Indianapolis area, give us a call today. We are happy to offer free estimates to all potential customers from a business owner to homeowner! Reach out to us as quickly as possible to help you maintain the overall quality living conditions present within your home.

Work with experts who know the correct way to deal with your mold issues.


We follow proper mold removal protocols put forth by the EPA, IAQA, & IICRC.

Mold Removal Awards Credentials Certifications

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Ryker - Indianapolis, IN

We needed an estimate on some foundation work and their team was absolutely great to work with and on time. Great customer service and experts. If you need something definitely check these guys out.

Mandi - Indianapolis, IN

Seriously could not say one bad thing about the company or the people we interacted with. They answered promptly, scheduled our visit, and had a quote to us in no time. We decided to partner with A+ Restoration and the crew should up right on time and was very friendly.

Sarah - Indianapolis, IN

We had a bit of mold show up and were worried that there might be a bigger issue. Jeff came out, gave us a free estimate and helped us figure out how to deal with it ourselves! He gave us options, insight and peace of mind. I would highly recommend him.

Greg - Indianapolis, IN

Our basement flooded this past week. We had called serv pro, but were told it would be 2 days before they could come out. We called A+ Restoration and they were at our house in 45 minutes! Much better response time! A+ did a great job. We are so glad we got them to come out!

Craig - Indianapolis, IN

Did a great job with remediation, at a great price. Jeff was prompt in communication and helpful with any questions asked along the way.

Allen - Indianapolis, IN

I was very happy with my experience with A+ Restoration. They were very prompt, very professional. Did a great job of explaining the process that needed to be completed, then doing it! I highly recommend them.

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