Benefits of having your house mold professionally checked

Every home or office has the potential for mold growth under favorable conditions. Spores usually thrive in warm and damp areas. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are all prone to infestation. Mold can also grow in places that are out of sight or invisible areas, like inside walls. If you suspect that you have mold in your house in Indianapolis, it’s important to hire an expert in mold remediation to perform a professional mold inspection. A mold professional can check your walls and HVAC system for mold then do air testing to determine the quality of indoor air in your entire house. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a mold expert to perform a visual inspection in your home or commercial facility.

Close-up Of A Person's Hand Measuring Wetness Of Moldy Wall

Better health

Mold is dangerous to everyone. If you have allergic reactions or allergy symptoms, there’s a good chance mold is growing in your property. Mold spores present in your home might trigger various symptoms such as a cough, headaches, runny nose, skin rash, or congestion. It’s easy to confuse these symptoms for other health problems. However, these symptoms tend to worsen with time. Prolonged exposure to mold spores has been linked to respiratory problems like asthma and various chronic issues. For those with compromised immune systems, the effects of mold contamination could be much worse, if not deadly. Such individuals may experience asthma attacks, brain fog, and shortness of breath.

Whether or not you’re allergic to mold, it is vital that you address mold problems as quickly as possible. A timely mold inspection can help you uncover indoor mold in air ducts and reduce health concerns. If mold has started growing in your air conditioner, your mold remediation company can send in experts to do air sampling then remove the mold before it causes a serious illness.

Identify the root problem 

Taking steps to eliminate mold from your property is a smart thing to do. But no matter how hard you try to get rid of mold, it may keep recurring until you uncover what’s causing the problem. You see, mold requires moisture, water, oxygen a warm environment to grow. Without any of these conditions, mold will remain format. Knowing what causes mold allows you to prevent a potentially serious household mold problem and costly structural repairs. You can only eliminate mold when you remove all the factors that allow it to sprout.

If you don’t tackle the root cause, mold will grow back and you’ll find yourself removing and cleaning it up again. A mold inspection can help reveal leaks and what causes excess moisture in your home. With help of a mold professional, you can identify the primary source of mold growth before the mold remediation process begins. You also get to know mold levels, the best course of action to prevent mold and eliminate it.

Improve indoor air quality

Whether originating from crawl spaces or growing from a leaky water pipe in your kitchen, mold can contaminate your indoor air and make breathing a problem. Mold symptoms may occur when you or your loved ones inhale mold spores from the air, and they settle in your lungs or nasal passages. If you suspect mold is growing, you can ask your mold remediation company to come and collect samples for lab testing. A mold expert can test the indoor air quality for signs of mold. They may also perform a comprehensive mold inspection to see if you are at risk of serious mold exposure. In between testing, they can also identify signs of mold growth around your property. With mold tests and remediation, you can be sure that your home or office will stay safe and healthy.

Prevent structural damage

Mold can grow rapidly in damp and warm spaces. Left unchecked, mold can spread and start attacking our drywall, floor joists, walls, ceiling tiles, and insulation. Not detecting mold growth early enough allows mold to grow and continue its destructive work, ultimately, lowering the structural integrity of your residence.  Mold growth together with water damage can weaken your wooden structures and ruin your precious insulation. You can avoid structural problems by hiring a mold inspector to perform a thorough mold inspection and mold remediation in your home.

crawl space mold on floor joists

Keep mold spores from spreading

Mold is good at hiding out of sight. Even if you don’t have a visible mold problem in your home, you might have areas that are at risk for mold growth and contamination. You may not realize that mold is present until someone picks out a musty odor or funny smell. By this time, mold will have spread around your home. Here is the thing. Mold spreads quickly under the right condition. It usually takes just 48 hours for spores to grow and less than a day to colonize an affected area. Identifying and remediating mold after an inspection can help prevent its spread.

Eliminate mold growth

Once a professional company does a mold inspection and finds mold growing in your property, their experts can remove the mold before it takes a hold of your home. Removing mold also prevents mold spores from spreading elsewhere and worsening the problem. Mold professionals are well-equipped to handle visible mold growth and mold that’s not visible to you. With the first visit, the mold experts can identify, test, and eradicate the mold from your home. They have the expertise, tools, and experience to perform professional mold testing quickly and efficiently. Using their state-of-the-art equipment, they can hard-to-reach places. Plus, they know the best ways to rid your property of mold. Is mold present? We encourage you to arrange a home inspection with a qualified mold inspector today.

Save time and money 

True, professional mold inspections and mold remediation can be expensive. But if you ignore or leave the mold problem unaddressed, you set the stage for complicated issues that could set you back thousands of dollars in repairs. Mold does more than cause ugly stains and unpleasant smells. Mold can eat your wooden supports, floorboards, drywall, wallpaper and even damage your crawl space insulation. It’s only a matter of time before these building materials start to rot.

Dealing with a mold problem promptly not only prevents the situation from getting worse but can also prevent costly repairs down the road. Home inspections can also be a safeguard to your homeowner’s insurance. Mold inspectors can uncover where mold grows and reveal its causes then perform remediation to eliminate the discovered mold. A professional company like Mold Removal Indianapolis uses aggressive treatment sprays, which are lethal to mold but friendly to the environment.

Concerned about mold? Schedule a mold inspection or mold remediation

Mold in your home or commercial premises is bad news. Toxic mold can lower indoor air quality, cause structural damage and lead to respiratory health problems. Symptoms of mold exposure can be incredibly severe, particularly black mold. Having mold testing done early on can save you money in further repairs later on down the road. If you live in Indianapolis or the surrounding area, contact  Mold Removal Indianapolis to schedule professional laboratory testing. Our mold experts are well-trained to recognize the signs of mold, identify the type of mold present in your property, and take caution when removing mold.

As a leading mold inspection and mold remediation company in Indianapolis, Mold Removal Indianapolis has the expertise, tools, and experience to help you combat mold growth. We offer professional mold inspection, mold testing, and mold remediation services for both your commercial and residential properties.  Call (317) 648-9352 to talk to a mold expert or contact us online to request a free estimate. We can give you a free quote, which includes a breakdown of the mold inspection cost.


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