5 things reasons why you should pick Mold Removal Indianapolis for your commercial space mold remediation needs

Commercial Mold Remediation

The choice of your commercial space may be beyond your control. But it goes a long way in determining your effectiveness and the quality of your work.

Your workspace can make or mar the integrity of your brand and business outlet. Therefore, you must prioritize your workspace’s safety, aesthetics, and cleanness.

This means that you must account for cleanliness, pristine settings, and a comfortable environment. One of the most critical aspects is to ensure that you look out for mold growth and see that if mold growth occurs, you respond to it as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for commercial mold remediation services, reach out to our team today. We know that you do not want to dive into the aspects of mold growth and learn all about mold species, nor should you. We have a comprehensive mold remediation process and will deal with the mold infestation as quickly as possible.

Your firm is not there to deal with microscopic mold spores and toxic mold; rather, it is there to conduct a specific activity. We make it our job to take care of your mold problem so that your firm can focus on what it does best. Are you looking for help with mold removal? Our mold remediation company, Mold Removal Indianapolis is here for you.


Dealing With Molds in Your Commercial Space?

Molds can seemingly mar the possibility of maintaining the appearance of a safe and clean commercial workspace. Mold formation is very likely in commercial spaces within coastal areas or during winter and spring.

Molds are relatively unavoidable on moist wall finish and floor surfaces. It is not unpopular to try to take out mold on your own; many people do this.

However, it can put you on edge and affect your work when it becomes reoccurring. This is aside from the health implications that may accompany mold sprout.

We can help you put a permanent stop to the appearance of mold in your commercial space. Our seasoned professionals can help you achieve the ultimate mold prevention solution.

Our firm can help you work out a simple mold prevention culture. This is also part of our premium mold remediation service.

Still not convinced? Here are other reasons you should choose our firm for your commercial space mold remediation needs.


Five Reasons to Choose Mold Removal Indianapolis for Mold Remediation in Your Commercial Space

Here are the main reasons to choose Mold Removal Indianapolis for your mold problem.

We are Seasoned Professionals

Our professionals are trained and have vast experience in mold remediation. They are all certified mold remediation specialists. In addition, we have a firm policy on optimal customer service, and our professionals adhere strictly to this code of conduct.

Our professionals’ expertise and amiable work ethics make us stand out with the quality of service we deliver. Our professionals will work with you to permanently eliminate every mold problem in your commercial space.


We have The Right Mold remediation equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We have a policy of fully equipping our professionals. For example, our technicians will be outfitted with gloves to protect their hands from mold allergies and cleaning solutions. Our gloves are chosen based on the materials to be handled. We also provide you with protective gear so that you can actively supervise our work if you wish.

Our professionals also utilize appropriately fitted goggles or a full-face respirator with a HEPA filter to protect their eyes. Respirators are also worn to avoid inhaling airborne mold, mold spores, or dust. This device covers the nose and mouth and filters the air to remove particles.

We wear disposable clothing to minimize mold transfer on clothing during a medium or long-term cleanup project. We also avoid skin contact with mold.


  • Mold Remediation Equipment

We will use the following equipment:

  1. Moisture Meters: Following water damage, this equipment will help determine the moisture level of various building materials. This will also be used to track the drying of damaged materials. Moisture meters can be used on carpet, wallboard, wood, brick, and concrete, among other materials.
  2. Humidity Gauges or Meters: Indoor humidity will be measured using humidity meters. Temperature and humidity will also be monitored using this equipment.
  3. Humidistat: This control device will be connected to the HVAC system and programmed to turn on the HVAC system automatically if the humidity level increases above a defined point.
  4. HVAC System Filter: We use high-quality filters in our HVAC system during remediation. Our system is designed to be as efficient as possible for your HVAC system, and it is updated regularly.

You may have a hard time getting this equipment on your own. You can save yourself the trouble of finding where to rent this equipment by hiring us.


  • Moisture Control

Moisture control is the key to mold prevention. When it comes to mold removal, our experts focus on the root of the moisture problem. They will inspect the following:

  • High humidity and condensation problems
  • Water leaks that have occurred
  • Issues with the water supply system
  • Issues with the HVAC system

After inspection, our professionals will address the water or humidity issue. Where necessary, they will complete and carry out a repair plan.

Our professionals will also review and implement the repair plan upon your approval. If new damage is detected during repair, our professionals will revise the remediation plan to cover the damage.


  • Systematic mold removal

Building materials and mold-infested furnishings that cannot be salvaged will be double-bagged with 6-mil polyethylene sheeting. These materials will be disposed of in the same manner as other building waste. This way, mold spores will be less likely to spread throughout the building.

Before being removed from the containment area, large items with extensive mold growth will be wrapped with polyethylene sheeting and secured with duct tape. This way, you can rest assured that mold residue will be thoroughly taken care of.


  • Clean up

Mold remediation must include removing mold from a structure to prevent human exposure and harm to building materials and furniture. We will not only clean up the mold infestation, but we will also kill mold sprouts.

We know that dead mold can still cause allergies, and undoubtedly, these molds are dangerous. Hence, during mold remediation, our experts use biocide. Our experts will make the area well ventilated to ensure biocide is applied with caution.

Fans may be required to bring in fresh air and thoroughly ventilate the area. Additionally, our professionals will sanitize the area to ensure that any mold residue in the air is kept to a bare minimum.


Looking for a Mold Remediation Firm for Your Commercial Space?

You deserve to have the best commercial space possible; molds shouldn’t get in the way of a fantastic commercial setting. We can save you the trouble, time, and stress of eliminating mold in your retail space.

Whether it is current mold issues or future mold growth, we can address your issues in your commercial buildings.

We are only a call away. Our customer care team is available to work out an affordable mold remediation plan for you. Reach us today!


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