How Often Do You Need a Mold Inspection?

For homeowners in Indianapolis, IN, one of the absolute worst things to discover in your house is the presence of any kind of mold. Some types of mold can be removed and eliminated from your living space very easily because they are small areas isolated to one particular part of a room. A good example is the presence of green mold in the shower. A thorough cleaning of the shower area can get rid of mold growth and mold spores without the need for professional mold inspections or mold remediation experts.

However, there are other types of mold and more serious situations in which mold spores have developed and spread throughout areas of your home without your knowledge. If your home has incurred some type of water damage from flooding, severe weather, or a leaking pipe, you might have been able to take care of the water issue, but that does not mean that your home is free from visible mold growth or mold spores. Moisture combined with the right environment (usually warmth and darkness) is the perfect breeding ground for various types of mold, including toxic black mold.

If a pipe burst in your home and the leak made its way throughout the plumbing system, including behind walls, under flooring, or within the ceiling tiles, you may not know that moisture has remained in the area. That moisture can quickly (within 24-48 hours) become the center of mold growth. Throughout your home, you may not see the visible mold growth, but you may notice a musty smell or bubbling wallpaper. These are signs that mold spores may be growing and spreading. In these cases, your Indianapolis home should have a mold inspection done as soon as possible.


What Is Mold Testing?

Mold testing is the process of taking samples from the air through a mold spore trap and surface sampling to find out if there are microscopic mold particles present. There are thousands of different kinds of mold species throughout the world, so it is very likely that the samples will come back positive. The important and most relevant part of mold testing is determining if the mold that is present is overwhelming and if it needs to be remediated before it begins to cause serious structural issues in your house or health problems for your family.


Why Is Testing for Mold Spores Important?

Mold testing and mold inspection are very important for homes in the Indianapolis, IN, area because mold, left unchecked, can have extremely dire consequences. Mold spores can quickly and easily spread throughout your home and enter into the respiratory systems of you and your family. Those with asthma or other respiratory conditions can have severe effects from mold spores, and even those who are not susceptible to these issues can develop serious side effects. There is no reason to put your family’s health at risk – get a mold inspection!

A mold problem can also have dire consequences for the structural integrity of your home. It can weaken the very foundation on which your home is built, and this can lead to extremely high renovation and repair costs. Without expert mold remediation, your home could become uninhabitable just because of serious mold problems. Getting a professional mold inspection can help to prevent these dire issues, especially after a fire or water disaster. The minor mold inspection cost is definitely worth it compared to the extreme cost of home renovations and repairs caused by mold problems.


How Often Should Mold Inspections Be Performed?

In normal circumstances where there have been no serious rainfalls, storms, or other water-heavy situations, an Indianapolis, IN, home can feel secure with an annual professional mold inspection. If the rainfall in the area has been particularly heavy or there was a water situation, you may want to consider second or third mold inspections just to ensure that the extra moisture has not created the perfect environment for a mold problem to develop.

Our mold inspection experts at Mold Removal Indianapolis are trained in the proper mold testing procedures and will be able to take samples quickly and efficiently. Each mold inspector on our crew knows that you do not want to wait for the results any longer than necessary, so our mold remediation team will get the samples taken and sent to the lab as soon as possible. If you think you smell mold growing in your home, do not wait. Call the professional mold inspectors at Mold Removal Indianapolis to inspect your home and determine if the mold present there is causing an issue.


Contact a Mold Remediation Professional

If you are a homeowner in Indianapolis and you think that there may be mold present in your house, contact a mold inspection professional from Mold Removal Indianapolis. Our team will perform a visual inspection of your home and take samples using the proper mold-sampling protocols to determine if you have a mold problem. When our mold inspection company is called to conduct mold testing, we are sure to be as thorough as possible, and you will know the mold inspection costs as well as mold remediation estimate ahead of time.

When the sample results come back from the lab, our mold remediation company will let you know how many mold spores were found as well as what can and should be done to ensure the safety of your home and family. We are fully certified for mold remediation and mold removal, so you can rest assured that both indoor and outdoor mold spores and growth will be eliminated correctly. Call us today for a free estimate and do not forget to ask about our 5% best price guarantee!

Our mold company understands the dangers of mold exposure for you and your family, and we want to ensure that any mold in your home is removed. We detect mold and remediate it using the best equipment and techniques in the industry. Contact us today for a professional mold test and mold removal.


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